All-in-One Email Marketing for Small Business

Email marketing creates a valuable asset for your business by building data lists for future use, and keeping connected with your customers.

Email is one of the most cost effective and safest ways to generate sales and awareness for your business and brand online almost immediately.

Sending email for acquiring new clients is a strong, safe, and effective marketing strategy.

Most first-time email marketers do achieve success within the first 30 days and ongoing email campaigns only build bigger and more relevant with each campaign sent. Email works for any type of business and it drives ongoing traffic and revenue.

Consumer Email Records for Small Business Marketing

Simplified email marketing
Email marketing made easy

Full records excel .csv format. We provide the email address, first name, last name, address, city, state, zip, phone number, website source, Ip address, and date and times. Data is collected from opt-in sources and only saved after running through our rigorous email verification. OfficialEmailMarketing has been providing quality data since 2010.

You will not find a better data solution anywhere!

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Email marketing for small businesses
How to use email marketing to efficiently promote your small business 

How Do I Accept Credit Cards For My Small Business?

Are you looking to accept credit card for your small business but don’t know where to start? You’ve been searching the internet and want to make the correct decision on which company you choose. Simply said, you want your transaction fees low and you want a trusted provider that’s been around more than 10 years.

How can you ensure you’re making the right choice?

Firstly you will need both a Merchant Account and a Payment Gateway account in order to accept credit cards for credit card payments. In this article we  provide insight on how to seamlessly obtain everything you need, even the best rates, and not worry about the technical details and industry jargon.

Hands down, the best merchant account choice for 2017 is the Authorize Payment Gateway and it works with almost all merchant account providers today and they simplify the payments process to give you key tools to help your business grow. Authorize is one of the world’s most trusted merchant account companies, and they now have over 400,000+ Merchant Customers worldwide and a full time staff to assist you grow your business.

What you need to demand from your Merchant Account Provider?

Here is a short list of some much needed elements you want to demand from your Merchant Account:

  • Retail, Online, Mail or Telephone Payments
  • Mobile Payments
  • Free Fraud Tools
  • Recurring Billing
  • Secure Customer Data Management
  • Sync for QuickBooks
  • E-check Processing
  • Month-to-month pricing
  • Free Mobile App
  • Free Website Payments Seal
  • Free Support 24/7

Common Merchant Account Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I get an online merchant account and who should I choose? With Authorize you can setup a merchant account with one of the world’s most trusted companies since 1996 that now has over 400,000+ Merchant Customers. They are very accommodating and accept most any type of businesses.

Looking for a PayPal Alternative, where can I find one? It is recommended to use a trusted company that works with almost all merchant account providers. Many, “MANY” people absolutely hate PayPal. We have selected the most excellent option to PayPal.

I don’t live in the US; can Authorize still work for me? Yes!

Setup A Payment Gateway and Merchant Account

5 Rude Emails You Send Every Day

2017 Marketing Trends

Even the most likable and well-mannered among us can still look like jerks in an email.

Writing an email that comes across just like you do in person is a fine art.

During a conversation, you adjust your tone, facial expression, gestures and posture in order to fit the mood of what you’re conveying. You do this because people tend to be much more responsive to how you say things than to what you actually say.

Email strips a conversation bare. It’s efficient, but it turns otherwise easy interactions into messy misinterpretations. Without facial expressions and body posture to guide your message, people look at each word you type as an indicator of tone and mood.

Most of the mistakes people make in their emails are completely avoidable. The following list digs into these subtle mistakes and hidden blunders.

1. The Compulsive CC And Reply All
CCing people all the…

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